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Facials are proven to assist in slowing down the aging process, improve circulation, promote relaxation, and stimulate, nourish, and firm the skin. Botanical skincare and pure essential oils are custom blended to suite your skincare needs. Our skincare line was chosen for its water based plant formulas and affordability for at-home maintenance care between facials.

Fundamentals (Karmatherapy) Facial


This facial is 50 min of relaxation customized to your skin concerns. Includes double cleanse, exfoliating enzyme, shoulder, décolleté, and facial massage, treatment masque, hand massage, skincare to suit your skin conditions and SPF.

Fundamentals (Karmatherapy) + LED


Add LED treatment to your facial! Red LED light increases collagen and elastin production by stimulation of ATP which provides energy to our cells. In turn healing and repairing our skin. This is a great add on for those whose concern is preventing aging skin and fine lines and wrinkles. (70 min)

Peptide Exfoliation Treatment


A superficial peel also known as a “walk in” chemical peel. Requires no downtime and is an excellent treatment for maintaining the health of the skin. Activate protein turnover through proteasome stimulation to help maintain the regeneration, proliferation, and migration of skin. This service includes cleanse, prep, exfoliation, soothing mask + cold globes, hand massage, and skincare to suit you skin conditions and SPF.

Stronger peels can be booked after this, appropriate skincare must be followed in order to prep the skin for a deeper peel. (45min)

Nano Infusion Facial


Nano Infusion (not micro needling) creates nano channels with tiny silicone pyramids and safely infuses active ingredients in serum form into the skin. Improves skin tone and texture, appearance of fine lines, and decreases pigmentation. Cleanse, exfoliating enzyme, shoulder and décolleté massage, Nano Infusion, treatment masque, hand massage, skincare and SPF. (50 min)

Nano Infusion Facial + LED treatment


Oxygen Lift and Glow Facial


This oxygenating treatment is designed to boost brightness and glow. Exfoliating fruit extracts roll away dead skin for a smooth, bright and rejuvenated appearance and oxygen refreshes and revitalizes. A concentrated booster with plant stem cell extracts supports skin firmness and helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. This gentle facial gives visible results in just one treatment and helps continue our mission of aging later. (45 min)

Oxygen Lift and Glow Facial + LED


Microcurrent Facial


This facial is the equivalent of going to the gym for your face! Improves muscle tone and lifts jowls and brows. Double cleanse, exfoliating enzyme, shoulder and décolleté massage, Microcurrent, treatment masque, hand massage, skincare and SPF. (60 min)

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial


Level up! We start with Microcurrent to strengthen the foundation, next a Jet Plasma treatment which helps to brighten and tighten the skin by making channels like micro-needling with NO PAIN and NO NUMBING! Last but not least a Peptide exfoliating treatment. This is 3 facials in one! (75 min)

(Packages can be purchased at a discounted price, please enquire with Melissa)

BioRe Peel

You’ve heard the hype and it is amazing!  Pair it with Jet Plasma and even more so!

Please contact me if you are interested in these services. I do not offer these as single appointments and proper skincare must be followed previous to getting started. If you are interested in a package/series please book a consult!