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Massage. . .bringing You Back To Balance

Massage in general will help increase blood and oxygen flow, relax musscles, help relieve tension, flush toxins, and enhance muscle recovery.

Swedish Massage:

A full body, more gentle and relaxing form of massage, using slow flowing movement that may be ideal for those who are not in serious muscle discomfort and just want to relax and de-stress.

Deep Tissue:

This massage is more appropriate for those prefer a stronger hand. It is a more therapeutic form of massage focusing on specific areas of tension for people who suffer from chronic muscle problems and pains due to injury or overuse.


60 min


90 min


120 min


Deep Tissue

60 min


90 min


120 min


Pregnancy Massage

60 min


90 min



Deep Heat Treatment


Capsicum Lotion is massaged into the skin for a deep penetrating heat that helps alleviate muscle pains, spasm and soreness.

Warm Bamboo Treatment


Better than Hot Stones, Bamboo sticks are heated to a cozy warmth and seamlessly blended into your massage session. Therapeutic and relaxing, the bamboo is designed to smooth and stretch muscle tissue while warming and dissolving knots and tension. A great add-on to any massage sessión!

Sugar Foot Scrub


Shea Butter & Sugar are used to exfoliate, then wrapped in warm steam towels to infuse the moisture into the skin. Followed by a light foot massage.

Ashi-Thai Fusion

This style of massage is done fully clothed.  Please wear loose fitting clothing, easy to move in (like yoga/gym attire).

Your massage begins with a warm foot soak and your choice of essential oil.

“Ashi” meaning “Foot” and “Atsu” meaning “Pressure” – Ashiatsu is barefoot massage in which the therapist delivers deep, consistent pressure utilizing their feet and body weight with the support of overhead bars for balance and leverage.

In Thai massage, a.k.a. lazy yoga, the therapist moves you through yoga-like stretches while applying rhythmic compressions along energy lines and fascial planes; over your clothing.

Benefits of Ashi-Thai Fusion: reduce muscle tension, alleviate knots, improve range of motion, stretch shortened muscles, increase synovial fluid in the joints and relax the nervous system.

What to expect: Firm to deep pressure and passive stretching, Ashi-Thai massage is performed over clothing so wear comfortable clothes in which you can be stretched.

Your massage therapist will stand next to you on the massage table and use the overhead bars for balance, support and leverage throughout the session.

Your therapist will use their feet during this massage.
No oils or creams are used during this massage.
Your therapist will check in periodically regarding pressure and depth of stretches and level of comfort.

90 minutes


120 minutes